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What is syndication?

It is a simple and quick way to know Web page updates. Website has associated one or more files in xml format that describe their latest publications, indicating the title, author, date, contents, etc. Once Website is updated these files are regenerated again. Syndication is also called feed. There is no a syndication standard but the most widely used formats are Atom and RSS. In this site RSS 2.0 format is used.

How is syndication recognized?

ico_rss.gif This is the symbol that indicates that a Web site provides syndication or feeds.

How to use syndication?

Syndication files or feeds are not visible in the browsers, it is necessary to use a few special programs called feed readers that are able to read the URLs of the syndicated sites on a regular basis and provide updates in an integrated manner.

Feed readers can be a service that is provided from the Internet (bloglines.com, my.yahoo.com, fusion.google.com, rojo.com). It can be a program that is installed on your computer (Windows: FeedDemon, RSSFácil;) Linux: Straw; Mac OS X: NetNewsWire) or be integrated into the mail reader (ThunderBird).

What is the syndication file of this blog?

ico_rss.gif La cofa