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2008 un buen año para la innovación en teléfonos móviles

Eso es lo que se dice en el boletín "What’s New @ IEEE in Wireless":

2008 Expected to be Big Year for Mobile Phone Innovation According to analyst Bernhard Warner, the mobile telecommunications sector will continue to see improvements in 2007, though the real technological breakthroughs are expected to occur in mid-2008 and beyond. Warner’s recent visit to South Korea, meeting with handset makers LG Electronics, Samsung, and others, resulted in a “products to watch” list. This year and early into next, watch for mobile TV phones with improved picture quality; “serious” camera phones (with more focus on the digital camera than the phone); more touch-screen phones with increased memory to become all-in-one PDA organizers; HSUPA phones, allowing users to publish sizeable files to the net (for true on-the-go publishing capabilities for bloggers); and phones with a built-in RFID reader, turning handsets into scanners. The latter was demonstrated by SK Telecom in Seoul – its customers can wave their phones along the door of a taxi cab to get details on the driver’s safety record before getting in. During the late part of 2008, consumers can look for mobile phones doubling as digital wallets by using reader chips to pay for drinks from specially equipped vending machines or take money out of cash machines with just a swipe, and a few personal details.

Según el artículo referenciado (en The Times), no hemos visto novedades de entidad en los últimos 18 meses , pero se avecinan lanzamientos muy interesantes desde Corea. Habrá que seguirlos atentamente.

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